School Management System

school management system

A School management system transforms schools into smart schools which are always the preferred choice for new age parents. It is an interface through which school staff can manage their specific tasks which revolve around a student’s life-cycle. Quick communications, transparent operations and flawless administration can put your school ahead in the group of smart schools. If you’re ready to take part in the digital revolution then this is the right destination for you. Our experts are all set to provide you full control over the system with using our user-friendly features.
ü Easy to Use
ü Increase Productivity
ü Customized for your School
ü 24/7 Support
ü Data Security & Backup
ü Multiple Device Support

Enquiry Management

This module helps you to gather the data of students and their guardians/parents who visited at your campus for admission purpose. Data may be in the form of statistical & graphical visuals consisting number of visits, their name, contact number, email id and other useful information. You can categorize the lead on the basis of source of enquiry such as telephonic, email, visit etc

Student Records

This module enables you to store all data of personal, professional and academic history of students. The primary unique criteria for student data that we considered are mobile number and email id. Digital Go Market stores data in a central location allocated for each institute thus avoiding any possibility of duplication. You can manage almost every other details of the students. We keep adding more choices based on customer needs if it has wide application in our system.

Library Management

This module allows you to manage the whole library through its simple interactive interface. The librarian can manage the entire library item and keep a track on all the books that are issued. Even fine collection can issue to late return on the book. Student can check the availability of a particular book online. This system can also Add, Update, search and view library items online

Student Management

The entire life cycle of student from the time of admission to registration is well formulated and maintained in our system. This module helps to generate student id-card, student health, student behavior, various examine reports etc. Our solution provides complete automation to students and administration regarding their correlated tasks, which doesn’t only record information but manages every academic activity of each student.

Faculty Management

Our Software provides user friendly dashboards for teachers, non-teaching staff and management personals at your school. It enables a better communication between parents and teachers that helps in student’s academics growth. This software has the ability to improve quality of teaching with features of attendance, mark card submission of each class, time table for each day, teaching methods etc. It reduces the stress and effort of a faculty in managing the details, records of each and every student and their academic activities.

Fee Management

Our school management system makes your working smooth while saving about 80% of manual work, resulting into a hassle free and paperless management. Eliminating the time consuming process of fees payment, it becomes more cost effective. This module is more beneficial for parents since the fee payment can be done on the go at anytime from anywhere. Strengthen your fee collection with automatic reminders.

Admission Management

This module enables you to maintain a comprehensive fee classification system for easy analysis of fee defaulters and fee structure available. It allows you to manage and pay instant fees through its easy fee submission process. It gives you flexibility in predefining various payment packages for each course and ability to choose discounts or premiums charged. Features like computerized billing and fee dues alert will help you in this process.

Attendance Management

This module is designed to handle the various attendance requirements of public and private schools of all sizes. Security of students and staff has very importance in education sector. With the help of this software, you will be able to upload and keep track of the attendance of students and staff regularly on the excel sheet. It enables you to inform parents about the attendance record of their children via SMS/email. Proxy attendance can also be reduced to a great extent using this feature.

Examination Management

The student’s academic excellence and performance analysis is based on the different types of examinations, test, and assignments etc. schools now get an option to use our school management system combined with examination module that allows to manage both exam and results. You can also upload the results of examination directly on this software so that parents will be able to view the results and progress of their child..